About TPW

The Philanthropy Workshop is the leader in ongoing strategic philanthropy education and networking—inspiring individuals and families to give better. Our members invest their time, talent, treasure, and networks as a means of affecting purpose-driven, sustainable change.

Founded in 1995, TPW leverages the strengths of forward-thinking philanthropists, advisors, and our founding organizations, including the Rockefeller and Hewlett Foundations and the Institute for Philanthropy, to bring educational programming, a diverse network, and a united position as the foremost influencers of strategic and innovative philanthropy in the global community.

With offices in San Francisco, New York, and London, the TPW member network of more than 425 philanthropists is the largest of its kind and unique to the field of philanthropy. Our members hail from the United States and the United Kingdom with significant numbers from Canada and countries throughout Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. 


The Philanthropy Workshop inspires, transforms, and catalyzes a network of effective philanthropists as a means to a more just, sustainable, and enriching world.

OUR beliefs & values

The Philanthropy Workshop believes that philanthropy, pursued with humility and care, is essential to our individual and collective wellbeing. We believe that these efforts can be magnified by knowledge gleaned through lifelong learning and shared experiences and that a network of effective global philanthropists can create a tipping point where the culture of giving embraces philanthropy’s promise to realize a more just, sustainable, and enriching world.